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A few thoughts...

St. Joseph and Brother Andre have always been an important influence in my life, especially as an adult. You have, by now, read my testimonial page.

I have promised St. Joseph and Brother Andre that as a thanksgiving for petitions granted, I would try to spread their devotion to the best of my ability. The result is what you see at this website.

I encourage each of you, if possible, to visit St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. You will find Brother Andre's tomb there. It was there that Pope John Paul beatified Brother Andre. But, if you can not get there, go to St. Joseph and Brother Andre in prayer and ask for their blessing as if you were there. They will hear you!

(P.S. No, I don't work for St. Joseph Hospital, St. Joseph News Press, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.  I don't live in St. Joseph Missouri or St. Joseph Michigan.  I didn't attend St. Joseph College or St. Joseph University.  I haven't been to St. Joseph Penisula State Park.  My parish is not St. Joseph Church.  I haven't been to Mount St. Joseph College or St. Joseph County or St. Joseph Island!  I do pray many St. Joseph prayers and own a St. Joseph statue!  God bless you through the intercession of St. Joseph)


St. Joseph and Brother Andre, we pray for all those who read this page and their loved ones, alive and deceased. We ask you both to ask Jesus for mercy, blessings and all possible graces for each reader here.

We thank you for all the petitions that have been granted as a result of your powerful intercession. Grant each of us your constant guidance and protection. St. Joseph and Brother Andre, pray for us.

If you want to share an interesting idea for this website with me, click on this link.