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Using a variety of internet sources, we have attempted to put together all the publicly available books on St. Joseph and Brother Andre that we could. Feel free to click on the links to learn more (and perhaps purchase), but then remember to come back to St. Joseph For You Too! because we have done all the searching for you in one easy place.

If you need help finding a book, click here.

St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent:
Patron of Home Life and Home Selling

St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent: Patron Saint of Home Life and Home Selling

What do you do when angels tell you to change your plans? Joseph changed his plans. He married Mary and learned more about love than he thought was possible. Follow Joseph, Mary and other characters as they learn how much God loves them and how much they can love each other in...

Just a Simple Carpenter

St. Joseph in Early Christianity :...

"Good St. Joseph" is for babies and pre-schoolers...

Good Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph : Shadow of the Father

Sr. Maria Baij in 1736 wrote this book about her private revelations concerning St. Joseph's life. I have read this book several times. While you may not believe that she had these revelations, the Church certainly honors her devotion to St. Joseph...

The Life & Glories of St. Joseph

The Life of Saint Joseph

Written by Fr. Joseph Fitzmyer, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at The Catholic University of America and a former member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. He is a world-renowned scholar in the New Testament, Dead Sea Scrolls and Aramaic texts...

Saint Joseph in Matthew's Gospel

Writings about St. Joseph by Pope John Paul II ...

Saint Joseph "Guardian of the Redeemer"...

This book written by Fr. Gerald Kleba has outstanding reviews on it...

Joseph Remembered: The Father of Jesus

Dr. Thomas Petrisko is editor of the Queen of Peace Newsletter and has written on the topic of apparitions and the times in which we live...

St. Joseph and the Triumph of the Saints

Saint Joseph : As Seen by Mystics and...

Devotion to St. Joseph

Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph

For those who really study St. Joseph, I recommend "Life And Glories of St. Joseph." It can be a difficult read at times. I suggest it only for those advanced in the devotion to St. Joseph...

Saint Joseph: Shadow of the Father

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