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Please join us in praying to St. Joseph and Brother Andre for the following intentions...

St. Joseph, please find steady employment for my husband so we can keep our
children in our Catholic school, pay our bills regularly and live
responsibly.  I place my faith in your intercession for our family.  I offer
prayers for all who have listed petitions here.


I give God control over my life. My job, career, talents, marriage, children, friends and family. May I reside I Joy and Love all the days of my life. May God continue to show me His wonderful Love.



Please St. Joseph, on your feast-day tomorrow lift up for this earthly father; a misplaced daughter who went wayword in her own directives in live.  She died last saturday, and will have her funeral tomorrow.  I ask God to have mercy on her soul!
She had three little ones left here to raise.  Her name was S.  She died during an open heart surgery for a staff infection to her heart.
S. was only 20 yrs. old.......
my grateful thanks,
Please help me to find a good job or let my current job go full time so that I can serve God, keep my son in Catholic school, and pay my bills. I am praying for all those who have left their names here as well.
Please pray for me to have the strength to get through a bitter break up
with my fiancÚ A.  He is an alcoholic and he has relapsed.  We met in
Florida and then moved to Chicago.  He up and left me 6 weeks before our
wedding.  He has thoughts of suicide and he is drinking again.  Please St.
Joseph help him to get into a rehab center.  Please let him have the courage
to call me to keep me updated.  Thank you for you help! JC
Special Intention for Guidance for SW who is trying to keep busy after a broken engagement
I was a visitor at the Oratory in the early 1990s and was very impressed and moved.  Bl. Andre is such an inspiration!
First, I want to ask for your prayers that I find employment, as St. Joseph is a patron for workers.  I had lost my job at the end of last month. 
Thank you and God bless you in your ministry!

Dear St. Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre:Please send your healing touches to my wife P. and I.We are in great need of healing,my wife has heart problems,diabetes,blood pressure and back problems.As for myself I have back and bad breathing problems,also blood pressure.Our daughter J. has severe asthma,needs healing too.Also we are in bad financial situation:losing home,cannot pay bills.Please hear our prayers.We are asking,do not abandon us.With greatest thanks   P. and R. and family
My name is C. and I am very scared right now.  Everything seems to be happening all at once and I am really having difficulty keeping my faith.
1.  Tomorrow I am going to have breast surgery and a biopsy of my left breast. 
2.  My daughter N. is a 20 year old single mom and is trying to redeem herself by going to college.  I am trying to help her by taking charge of her 10 month old son.  She is applying to universities and trying to get to Dorm privilege.  I pray that she get accepted in the university of her choice and that she also gets the financial aid necessary for tuition and dormitory.
3.  My husband is a recoving alcoholic and is currently very actively relapsing.  I pray that he find God and self love and sobriety that we once know when we first got married.
4. My daughter C. is young and very easily influenced by friend.  I pray that she keep her self pure and keep her safe from evil wrongdoing.  Please guide her in her studies.
5.  My grandson.  what a beautiful child.  Please keep him away from all the evil wrong of society.  May he be spared society's  stigmatism about being a child with unwed parent.  keep him from harm and help him have a normal healthy childhood and grow up to be a well balanced emotionally.  Help him always to have god in his life.  in all my families' lives.
I ask this in the name of Jesus the son of God.
Please pray that I may find a special person to share this life with me, for better or for worse.
please st joseph let me find the resourses to afford a wonderful place with room
for MS, DS and my girls filled with love and beauty.   In the process please
protect Bob and Jess and RS in their search for a fufilling home life.

Thank you for your prayers
I have completed my Novena to St Joseph today.  The favor that I have asked is that St Joseph guide me this year to increase my Real Estate business to a 5 fold increase over last year.  I work very hard and have the basics to accomplish this but need the extra guidance of St Joseph to help me find wonderful homes for wonderful people as well as sell homes for people in search  of new homes.  My own home is the place where I am safe and get recharged so I feel my real estate business can help others ensure they are in the right homes to be able to prosper as well.
Thank you St. Joseph
Blessed Andre's life and his deep devotion to St. Joseph has been an inspiration to me. I pray devout;y for the intercession of St. Joseph and Blessed Andre to give me the strength to persevere in my prayers to petition for God's grace and help regarding my financial problems
 pray dear St. Joseph and Bro Andre for a complete cure for my father who
had bacteria in his blood he is on antibiotics now. His arm was scraped to
get bacteria off his bone it is very dangerous he is home now . He also has
had a kidney transplant and leg  amputated  to the knee and his other foot
amputated. He has had heart surgery and had angioplasy done. He is my father
I love him please pray for his healing and long life thankyou also I pray
for my mothers health too. thankyou thankyou

 I am about to begin my second Novena to Saint Joseph.  I have had the Flu that seems to be going around and cannot seem to recover.  Also, I am praying the Saint Joseph Novena bacause it is the Novena for impossible problems.  I truly need Saint Joseph's help in delivering me from a very bad environment and finding a place where I can seek God without all the fear and anxiety.   May I ask if you would support me in my Novena?  I did not feel that any answers came from my first Novena, but I refuse to believe that this Novena can fail or that God will not reveal himself as my Father.
Thank You So Much,

Please pray for my brother-in-law : T. and his family as he seeks new employment.
Please pray for the K. Family in their search for a new home and relocating to another state.

Please help me pray for assistance and guidance regarding our financial dilemma, that God's hand will be with us through all our decisions and needs. We ask this through the intercession of St.Joseph (with whom I put my trust ...the wonder worker, foster father of the Holy Infant Jesus)and Blessed Andre. Amen   
Please pray for the continued good health of my unborn baby and that tomorrow's sonogram show that baby is 100% healthy.
Thank you and God bless,
Please ask St Joseph's and Blessed Brother Andre's intercession to get work back we lost.  Thanks. MP

Please pray that my chemotherapy is successful in keeping my cancers from spreading and causes them to subside and that I survive the treatments.  Also pray for my friend J. who was recently diagnosed with lung and liver tumors. Pray that my brother and his family return to the church

Most Blessed Saint's Joseph & Brother Andre',
(Please if I may, come before your hearing again in prayer petition.)
As a mother I worry about our sons' always having work as to support their own families.  Our youngest son, has a child on the way.  His brother and him, have two girls each.  Now finally, we have a boy grandchild coming.  Please St. Joseph, they carry your name in confirmation; help them to become good fathers'!  Help them be good teachers' in faith.  And I pray to You St. Joseph and St. Andre', to interceed for my husband and myself that God in His
merciful Will---will give us the ways and the means to help others' in Jesus and Mary.......God go with you all!   Thanks, v

Please St. Joseph and Blessed brother Andre, please pray for my husband J. to have his contracting job extended beyond March 31st, as his boss has stated that his job may be eliminated.  OR please
help J. to find another job in case this one does not get extended.

Thank you so much for your prayers
Please St. Joseph and BroAndre  I pray for my fathers healing he is a sick
man but I love him so much I pray for a miracle to save him especially at
this moment. I pray for his heart to heal his arteries to open and his
kidney to work and he get better everyday thankyou so much. S.

Please St Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre help me to get a job promotion.
Also St. Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre help me with my college studies, especially this Algebra.
I trust in Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph.
Tuesday was a bad day, did not get sales. Campaigns are not doing well and I am worried about my
job. Right now they said they have me in the easier campaign but at any time now they will switch me
over to the campaigns that are almost impossible to sell and I am very worried about keeping my
job. After a while if you do not make sales they hire new people and let you go. People are not making the sales, some have not done any for several days since they started the harder campaigns.  What they call the easier campaign are leads that had been rehashed and rehashed over and over again and they expect me to get sales anyway. The others are even worst because the client has to pay an annual fee for their credit card to redeem miles and either people are to old, dont travel, have too many cards or just dont want to pay an annual fee. Please keep my job in your prayers

Yesterday I woke up in the morning thinking about my brother as I had a dream where regarding the
sale of my fathers  house. So he told me there is a person might be interested, but first he
wants to see if he can swing the payments. He wants to make some changes on the house, expand and wants to consult an architect first to see how much it would cost to make the changes he wants and see if he can
swing it or not. If its not too expensive he says he would make my brother an offer, which is
right now negotiable. Please keep this in your prayers, hopefully something good will come out of
this. My brother says his computer is broken and doesnt have the money to repair it. He lost
another tenant and says they are living on a shoestring, his income cut by half, many people
leaving the building. He is desperate just like me to sell the house.  So I am praying for a miracle regarding the
house. The people said they had visit many houses in the area, and liked ours the most, but it all
depends on how much it would cost them to renovate it. Please keep this intention in your prayers as well.

My husband  and I have been checking apartment ads and they are so expensive. I dont know what we
are going to do to find somewhere reasonable for us and the kids. Our needs would be met if we
could only sell the house soon.
Thank you for your prayers, God bless you, a

I have in the past seven months prayed for the recovery of the marriage I thought I held so dear. I think now that what I need is the prayers of recovery. I think now that God has found another road for  me to travel. What that road is or where it  will send me I do not know. Please pray that I will know soon  where God  is sending me.
It is January and for the second time in the last two Januarys, I have been laid off from a job.  This time, I have no unemployment compensation to fall back on because I was laid off on the exact day that last years claim was closed and I believe I have not worked enough weeks to be eligible to open a new claim, unless something amazing should change that.

It looks like my life direction may change.  I made a purchase of an embroidery machine the day before my layoff, then I met a fantastic lady who offered to give me lessons for a reduced price because she knew of my circumstances, then I met another person who said she could help me in a direction to sell in a specific field.  I think that perhaps God is responding to my wishes to make my living in the field of sewing and crafting.  Everything is looking like that for now especially with the addition of these two wonderful ladies in my life.

Please pray that I can get started in this area and that it will be productive enough for me that I may make my living in this way and not have to depend on the health of another's business.  It seems that in my lifetime, I have worked for small to medium size business that have either fallen on hard times, been sold and new people brought in from the purchasing company or they have shut down completely and I have been out of work.

I would like not to have to go through another upheaval again. 

Thank you to everyone who includes my wished in their prayers and be confident in your good works should this come to pass.  And if not, the Father's Will Be Done and I will accept and conform to that.

God Bless

Please pray to St. Joseph & Bl. Andre to help me bring some desperately needed money into my home.
Things are very bad - worse than I've ever seen and I am very heartbroken & beaten down. Thank you
all for your prayers and I will pray for you, too.
St. Joseph and Blessed Andre please pray for my urgent distressing needs.
Thank you, in Jesus Name I ask.

St Joseph please help me help others to find the home of their dreams where they can be happy and healthy and enjoy their lives. E.H.

Please pray and ask St Joseph and Brother Andre to intercede for us.  My husband and I both need employment.  He has been looking for employment for over 18 months, and Ive been looking for over 9.  We are both very scared because we dont know what the future holds.
Please pray to St.  joseph and Brother Andre for me.    I have been out of work since March 2002.  I want to find a job in the telecom sector in Pennsylvania.   I am convinced that it will take a miracle for this to occur.  I promise public thanks
if it does.



My husband, K., has been out of work for nine months.  He is a project
manager.  Please pray to Saint Joseph and Blessed Andre that they will pray
on his behalf so that our good Lord Jesus will help him find a job.

May St Joseph and Blessed Andre intercede for me and my family regarding a financial crisis. I place my hope and trust in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.I pray to St Joseph and Blessed Andre to  guide and assist us to do and accept God's Will .Amen
May God's Blessing be upon you!

Dear Blessed Brother Andre and St. Joseph,
I am pregnant with my fourth baby.  Please pray that this baby be born completely healthy.  Please, especially pray that the baby be safe from and completely unaffected by toxoplasmosis.  I am afraid because I ate some very rare meat shortly before becoming pregnant.  Please, please pray that neither I nor the baby contracted toxoplasmosis from this.  Thank you, St. Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre.

I have been praying to St. Joseph and Brother Andre for many issues. Harmony between my family. The sale of my father's house, a suitable home for my kids and also for my job which I desperately need. Please keep all these issues in your prayers. Thank you and God bless you, A.

Hello, my name is I. and am married with two kids. I thank God to have found your website just on time.  Please intercede for and with me to St Joseph and Blessed Andre for the following intentions:

I just made a New Years resolution that I will try to be happier and more at peace with myself in 2003 and then I just received word through a parishioner friend of mine that a person who has caused me untold aggravation is planning to visit again in February. I am determined to do all I can not to let this happen. I am sick of worrying about this every time I turn around.  I am tired of going through this.  I just went through this a few months ago and it seems like it is going to repeat itself again.  I want him to leave me and my life alone.  Also, God has promised me life in abundance but I just cannot seem to get loving people (outside of the family) to come into my life and stay.  I prayed for someone during the Christmas season as always and still I went through it alone.  I have always envied having someone to window shop with and to spend time sharing, talking, and someone that really is grateful that you are alive....but....I just do not get this prayer answered.  I would appreciate it through St. Joseph and Blessed Bro. Andre I can get some results on these. 
  Need a few miracles RIGHT NOW!  Otherwise I don't think I can face this year.
St Joseph please let my friend P. who has suffered through 16 years of cancer have a peaceful  and beautiful death now that she is coming to the end of her battle.  Please let there be peace and love all around her during this time and that her friend and family unite in the loving way she would want.
P.'s Friend, E.
Dearest Sweet Jesus, my darling mother Mary & Holy St Joseph

My Lord, every day you watch the tears stream down my face as I cry in utter desperation, as my heart is pierced with heartache & sorrow.  Why do you continue to allow me to suffer?

I am 29 years old and was married for 4 years.  My husband, A., 29yrs old, left me & our then 3 yr old child in on the 03rd June 2001.  He had an affair with his best friends wife (at the end of our marriage or after our separation, I don't know), thereafter had several casual flings, and then moved in with a friend of mine, L., who had been after A. for years.  They are still together as I speak, however, I can no longer think of her without feelings of such utter distaste and the most intense feeling of betrayal.

I am still so in love with A. and long for him desperately.  It breaks my heart to always see my child suffering so much, always asking for his daddy & telling me he misses his daddy.  Our marriage was very rocky, but we loved each other so much (or at least I was led to believe that he loved me).  There was not a day where we couldn't not say "I love you" to each other, there was not a day when I couldn't wait to see him after work.  But, his devotion to his immoral, drug addict & alcoholic friends destroyed our relationship.  I hated them and fought with A. terribly because of them, which destroyed our marriage until he finally chose them over me.

I tried to commit suicide and even tried to take my child with, I couldn't leave him on this earth without me.  Thanks be to God I did not succeed but was hospitalised for 3 x months.  I am on medication for severe depression, however my sorrow continues. 

I pray so much with all of my heart (definitely not enough though).  Yet my requests are never answered, they seem to be ignored by God.  I wish so much for A. to come back to us as a changed person, remorseful for what he has done and pledging to devote the rest of his life to us, his family, & to our Lord Jesus Christ.  
Please pray that my husband of nearly thirty-eight years returns to our marriage. I love him so very much.I miss him more and more each day he is gone. I know this marriage would have a chance if only he would try. Please pray that he can find it in his heart to make the effort.
The best gift I could receive would be to wake up Christmas morning with him by my side. I pray for this daily. Please intercede for me.
Please continue to pray for J. and our marriage, our family.. we place all the upcoming work on our home in your loving an dprotective hands.. please continue to pray for the contractor and for all who do work on our home..  also, please continue to keep in your prayers our contractor's dad - A. - who recently passed away... we place all these petitions in your loving and kind hands with great love and trust.. thank you dear, sweet Joseph... all our love always..

Your prayers, along with my own, will surely bring my family into a lovely
little house we have applied for.  If it is the will of God, the Blessed
Mother, St Joseph and others, along with our love for each other, my family
will bring a stable, loving family and my volunteer work as a religion
teacher into our new parish, that I am hoping will have a need for me.  I
pray the Novena of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (highly recommended for
your intentions) each day and will also share some prayer time for the
intentions of those who have requested prayers through St. Joseph on this
site.  Thank you all for your prayerful caring! mmm

Dear St. Joseph, i place the upcoming remodelling work on our home in your capable and protective hands.. please continue to pray for my husband, our marriage, our family and for all those who will be involved in the work of enlargement of our home.. please help us to choose the right contractors and please pray for them...dear st. joseph, please pray for all of us always..  trusting in your ever loving intercession..

Dear St. Joseph and Bl. Brother Andre, you know all that I'm praying for, the heavy financial burden helping our son, a single father, I am so grateful he is working after almost two years, please help us find a way to get out from under this mess we are in.  Help both my sons to make it on their own to be reasonably happy in their jobs and make a good income.  Thanks for Don's successful surgery and please guide the doctor with mine.  I pray for relief of pain for my mom and a fair decision soon for what happened to her.  Please keep us always as your children in you're loving care and protection.  M
Please pray for me that my ex-fiance comes back to me and that I get a job soon and have financial security.

Dear St. Joseph and Brother Andre,   Please go this night to the bedside of Robin   Robin is a young mother who is dying of cancer this night.  She has a very young child and a husband who very much need her to be both mother and wife to them for many, many years.  Please heal Robin this night.  Thank you St. Joseph and Brother Andre for healing Robin!!  HJ

Blessed St. Joseph and Brother Andre,
Please, I come to you this night to beg you for your heavenly help in
asking God to assistance us-sending a buyer for our home that has been up for sale!   ( I know that God's time, isn't our time) but,
we are sitting on the edge of financial disaster with no job or money to keep what we have left.   Can you please ask God to send us aid this night?  Please know that our prayers' are lifted up to you for intercession before God in Jesus name...we get on our knees and beg your help!  
I give it all to God.....asking mercy on us! Amen   V

Dear St. Joseph and bro. Andre....
Please help our children Timothy and William.....
William has broken his leg for the second time in 5 says he has thin bones at age 34!! Please
intercede on his behalf to heal his leg and also his soul.
and one more request for our son Timothy who just
received his engineering degree after much struggle...
please help him find a good job in this field.   Thank you
so much sweet Joseph and bro Andre...
K & D
Pray for the conversion and Baptism of my husband, Bill.
Pray for faithfilled, Catholic husbands for my two nieces.
Pray for the vocational call to the priesthood for my nephew.
I ask for the intercession of St. Joseph and Brother Andre
to Jesus, Our Savior.   Amen.

Please St Joseph help me w/my job and give me patience.  Please let me know when my car needs
to be repaired.  Also, for all the Souls in Purgatory, please give them comfort.
Sincerely in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,



Mary and St. Joseph, please help me and my loved ones concerning the overwhelming and never ending problems we face.

Our home is currently on the market to be sold.  I have been praying to St. Joseph and Brother Andre that a buyer will soon come to us so that we may proceed to move closer to family.  We have already purchased a new home, after much prayer and consideration over this decision--so I feel that God is directing this move.  However, I ask for your intercession that it may sell soon so that we shall have the financial backing to start our new life in retirement.  Our income is fixed, so dear Joseph and Brother Andre I ask you for faith and patience that is necessary to go on.  

Please help to heal my burn.
Thank you B
I have a good friend, who is having a very rough time, a time when so much is at stake.  As with St. Joseph, he also has a son, given the responsibility to provide and care for...  Please Brother Andre, remove the obstacles, and come quickly to help my friend - there are too many needs to mention here. This prayer is an urgent one and hoping that you would put in a good word with our Lord, for speedy relief from his almost unbearable situation.  Thank you

Please pray to St. Joseph and Bl Br. Andre for my daughters D.'s conversion, and for her boyfriends J.'s  as well and that she will choose Godly friends for the good of her soul. And pray also for a special intention. St. Joseph and Bl Br. Andre, pray for us! P

St. Joseph,

Please help me find the peace and
happiness that i have been hoping for. That i may
wake up one day looking forward to the next and that the emptiness
and void that i feel in my life goes away. That God will
give me the faith to hold on until He answers and gives me what i have been praying for.
To know and continue to believe that there is a reason for everything He does.
Please help me not to lose hope and never to give up on God and on you.

St. Joseph, please help me find the man that you and God
believe is right for me. I feel in my heart it is B. Please bring him to me soon because i feel
that time is running out and i'm so desperate. If it is not B then help me
find someone like you, and my father.  I'm scared. I don't
want to end up alone, i want to have to have a husband and a family.
I want to feel how it is to be loved by somebody. Pls.
St. Joseph, help me find him soon.  Please. St. Joseph,
bring him to me soon. Ask Jesus for me, i know He
will not say no to you. I keep asking but I can't hear the answer.

Thank you, Z
Like so many others we are dealing with loss of income and terrible health.  Please pray for us that we might find our way out of the numerous complications that we are dealing with and find guidance and relief. 


My name is J. from NYC. I have a nephew, a senior at ABC High School. He is intelligent and good kid but is having some mental and emotional problem. I don't want him to lose out on this great opportunity to finish high school or worse to leave home and wander out there. He has convinced himself that there is nothing wrong with him and that every body in the family are the ones with issues.
I beg for his enlightenment and if he needs it, his return to his doctor for treatment and medication if he needs it. God created doctors and therapist for our use and to display His power. My nephew need their help and guidance. With the help of God I pray that He will guide my nephew in the right direction.  Thank you and God for your answered prayers


Dear Brothers' & Sisters' in Christ,
If I may humbly ask simply for the intercessions of St. Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre' in asking God Our heavenly Father for some financial help.  My husband has not worked for almost 2 years, and wel are depleted of aid.
We have been selling off what we can, and now finally we are about to lose what we have.  PLEASE, ask St. Joseph and Blessed Bro. Andre' in Our Lord's Holy Name!  I come
not by myself only, I ask through the love of Our Blessed Mother Jesus we pray with you.
Thank You, for your spiritual love for others' who love Christ & His Holy Mother!  On this feast of St. Monica, I too come as a mother in need of her loved ones.
I am grateful and I pray for all those who are our spiritual benefactors....

Please pray to St. Joseph and Blessed Andre for financial healing.  Thank you and God bless!

Also, kindly pray for us, The abc  Brothers of St.
F., that despite high cost of properties here in
the West Coast we will be able to find a house for the
brothers and have a small chapel as well.

thank you very much


Please pray for Mary who died suddenly, Jennifer her daughter and Lisa (Jennifer's friend) who is going to travel quite a distance to aid Jennifer.

St. Joseph,

Pls. help me pray that i may find the peace and
happiness that i have been looking for. That i may
wake up one day happy and smiling again. That God will
give me a reason to be happy and that the emptiness
that i feel in my life will go away. That God will
give me the faith to hold on to Him and to wait until
He answers and gives me what i have been praying for.
That i will have the strength to accept God's will and
to never question Him and to realize that God knows
and feels the pain that i have. To know that He is
doing this for a reason and that God will always be
with me. Pls. help me not to lose hope and never to
give up on God and on you.

St. Joseph, pls. help me find the man that you and God
wants for me. pls. bring him to me soon because i feel
that time is running out and i'm so desperate. Help me
find someone like you, someone who will love me and
respect and be my husband. I'm scared because i don't
want to end up alone, i want to have to have a family.
I want to feel how it is to be loved by somebody. Pls.
St. Joseph, help me find him soon. And help me forget
D. Pls. help me wake up one day without thinking
of him. Help erase the memories that i have of him.
Help me to move on. And one way of forgetting him is
to find the right person for me. Pls. St. Joseph,
bring him to me soon. Ask Jesus for me pls., i know He
will not say no to you.

Thank you,

Please pray for me.  I was engaged to a man whom I loved and still love very much.  Last August (in about 1 week it will be a year) we broke up.  During the past year, we still spoke with and saw each other.  At various points, it seemed like we might get back together.  Sadly, this has not happened.  I believe that this man loves me.  However, he has some problems.  He has turned away from God.  He drinks heavily and surrounds himself with people who seem to keep him in a dangerous lifestyle.  He has told me that hes not sure that he is capable of being in a relationship and that he doesnt want to hurt me.  In May, we seemed to be getting closer again, then, he just shut down.  I have not seen him since then.  He stopped calling.  There was nothing.  I have reached out to him continuously during this last year.  As I said, in May we again seemed to be getting closer.  In our last conversation, he said he was going to call me back.  I never heard from him.  I waited about 4 weeks, and called him.  He was not home and I left a message for him.  He never called me (that was at the end of June).  I have been praying constantly over the last year by the way, for him to turn back to God, and away from the lifestyle he is choosing, for peace, for healing for both of us, and of course that we would get back together.  I have also prayed for patience and strength and even, that if it is not Gods will that we should be together, that I accept that and and be able to move on.  No matter what has transpired between my ex-fiancÚ and I, no matter the time apart, or any of my prayers, all I can say with certainty is that my love for him is as strong as ever, and I truly believe that he loves me as well.  After I left a message for him in June, I didnt hear from him, nor did I attempt to contact him.  About 2 weeks ago he called me.  He said that he wanted to see how I was.  We spoke a couple of minutes and he said that he would call me back later that day, at work.  I didnt hear from him.  This past Friday, I called him.  He said that he did call me back 2 weeks earlier, but, he didnt leave a message.  I was in tears after our call because he was pleasant, but, thats it.  He ended the call, we didnt really speak about anything personal.  It was as though there was a huge wall there.  Like he was not going to let me in.  But yet, I still sensed love.  Please pray for me that I receive guidance.  My dearest hope is that he will let himself respond to the love that I know he feels for me.  I pray that God will open his heart and mind to me and to the possibility that he is capable and with Gods help he and I will again be in a relationship together and be man and wife.  Please pray for that God softens his heart towards me and that he begins calling me again, so that we may, at least, keep the lines of communication open between us.  I pray that I hear from him soon.  Thank you

Dear St Joseph,
Please pray for my forthcoming Marriage - that I may be a good husband and father like you.
Yours faithfully

Dear St. Joseph and Brother Andre:  Happy Birthday to you Brother Andre from myself and many other followers.
    I request your assistance with this petition, my husband has lost his job and I am praying all day, several times a day, prayer after prayer, novena upon novena for going on 3 months for him to be blessed with a job so that he can maintain his dignity, faith and be allowed to meet our obligations.  Please pray for him.
Thank you,

Please give my daughters Jeanette,  Elizabeth, and Lisa WISDOM.  Please help them come back to Jesus and his wonderful Catholic Church.  SB 

Blessed Brother Andre please intercede for me with St Joseph.  Ask God to grant me
the job promotion and to help me pay up my credit cards.  Please St Joseph, help me.


Dear St Joseph,
Please help us sell our property at a fair price and quickly.
Happy birthday Brother Andre!!

My wife and I have been married 4 years and have a daughter 2 and a son from her previous marriage. When we first got together we had a very strong friendship and could talk for hours about anything. We got married, and nothing has seemed go right since, two lost jobs ex legal battles mounting debt, etc. Two years ago we decided to work for ourselves and went on the road, while still maintaining a home. The stress of money and constant turmoil from ex's soon caused changes in us. I now work the business, my wife is finishing school in six weeks. With me being on the road so much I have been depressed it has caused my wife to want a divorce saying she can't handle the turmoil (which is no longer the case), and me not being there for physically and emotionally. I can't agree with her more and I want to change that. She knows that the medication will bring me back, because it has in the past. I pray to St. Joseph and brother Andrea to keep us together, guide us through the spirit of the lord to rebuild what had together, raise our kids in a happy, and enable us to succeed in our careers. Marriage is for life, and it was God who brought us together, and I know that God will keep it that way I have total faith. This has been a true wake up call for me, Please pray for us that all will work out.  R

Dear St. Joseph and Bl. Andre

Please pray for my husband, that he may find the peace that he longs for.
That he may have peaceful work and gain patience with family members and

Please pray also for my oldest son and his wife that they may meet all their
financial obligations and stand all the stress and strains that they are
confronted with. That my daughter-in-laws' parents will stop adding to their
troubles and using her for a crutch.

Please pray that both my sons will have the tremendous patience that is
needed to keep peace with their father.

Please pray that I can meet all my financial and moral obligations.

Thank you!

Please send guidance, my husband & I are confused & feel lost and alone.  We are both ill, not able to work and his disability insurance is refusing to approve his pay.   We really need help.

Yes, everyday i go to your prayer site and pray the prayer that never fails that has blessed my life
as i continue on this journey----may God grant you increases and many blessings and graces thru the petitions of  Brother Andre on his birthday-----and i will petition him on that day to help me in particular for relief of  additional burdens at work brought about by deceipt of what is left over from the last year at the work place [a long story evolved over the last year at work-----thought it was over but is still evolving-----as God continues to work in this situation.   God bless you St Joe as you continue your good works in the Lord. Peace. S.

Dear St. Joseph
Please help my husband find a new position that will allow for him to cover all of our monthly expenses and keep us from getting further into debt - but to allow us to get out of debt and then be able to use the money to help bring Christ's word to the world.
Thank you for hearing our prayers

Dear St Joseph,
My place of employment is in need of guidance in hiring  some vacancies. Please bless my employers and fellow employees in each their own needs.Thank you for the blessings I have received in this job which is a true joy. Please help me to accept whatever changes may come about if it be the Lord's will. I am so grateful for your intercession and the Lord's mercy.  G

for my children, especially my two older boys for conversion and God's Will in our whole family...JS

Dear St. Joseph please intercede for me in the sale of my cousins house.  I place my faith in you and pray to you daily.  I also ask that my Cousin finds great happiness in here new home.  Thank you for your help and love. EFH

Dear St Joseph,
I place the 'R' family as well as the 'B' family in your hands for healing and reconciliation.
Also may 'P' be reconciled with his family soon.
Thank you for favors received.

I humbly petition to St. Joseph and Br. Andre for their prayers that I find
a good and honest man to be my husband and life partner. MS



A very urgent special intention.
Thank you, M

Please include the following petitions with the rest.
I pray that my husband will be healed of his anxiety attacks and will have peace of mind. I also pray for a happy and blessed marriage and if it is God's will I pray that I will be able to conceive soon.
Thank you and may God bless you.

I was very impressed with your testimonials and your love of St. Joseph. I too have a great love for St. Joseph and have been devoted especially to His seven sorrows and seven joys. I also pray to Bl Br. Andre and perhaps not as much as I ought. But will start praying to Him more fervently. Im asking St. Joseph and Bl Br. Andre for a VERY SPECIAL FAVOR and hope to go to be able to go to Montreal by Aug. 9th, (Bl Br. Andres birthday) to thank St. Joseph and Bl Brother Andre. If I may ask you to please pray for my daughters (Desiree) conversion. She is living with a guy out of wedlock and I want so much for St. Joseph to give her the grace to detach herself from this guy who I dont approve of and who is not for the good of her soul. She has nothing to do with me any more. And I know that St. Joseph will answer my prayers but its hard not to be impatient and to have the confidence that moves mountains when my heart has been hurt so much. Will you please pray to St. Joseph & Bl Br. Andre for my special intentions.

May St. Joseph and Bl Br. Andre bless you and answer all your prayers.  P

 I don't know if this fulfills my promise to publish this page of
prayers, but I don't know how else to do this and we desparatly need our
prayers ansered.
Thank you

Hello: Would you please include my request on your prayer list.  It is for my husband.    He lost his job unexpectedly and has not been able to find another job.  He is depressed and not doing well mentally.  I have told him to pray to St. Joseph with me everyday and he is doing so.  I appreciate your help.

"Dear St. Joseph and Brother Andre:  Please hear my prayer and help my husband to obtain another job here in Dallas.   I implore you to grant my request through my devotion, prayers and novenas to you."

Thank you,



Just a prayer request here, for the immediate intervention of St. Joseph and Bro. Andre...  My friend, also a father, has a number of very urgent needs.  Please pray for my friend Dean.  thank you...

For the conversion of my daughter, Jodi

For the health of my friend's daughter, Kelly

For my friend's husband to find a job, Jerry

For my husband to keep his job, Gerry

Thank you very much.


Would you please pray for my friend Dean.  He has risked so much, worked so hard, to accomplish something that will benefit so many.  I have helped, but it hasn't been enough.  Although I don't know a lot about Brother Andre, I get the feeling that he was a simple man, who just loved God so much... and, having a friend in St. Joseph, I'm sure he had a genuine appreciation for fathers, and for those men who have tried to provide for their families.  There is so much at stake, and I ask you to please to say a prayer, for all the hard work, hopes and aspirations of my friend, that there be some visible sign of God's intervention.  The need is immediate, the prayer is: Please Jesus, remove the obsticles, bring peace, encouragement, and a positive outcome, come quickly Dear Lord.  Would you please ask Brother Andre to pray for us. Thank you, C.

Thank you for these beautiful sites in honor of St. Joseph and Brother Andre.
Don't know how I got here but I desperately need their help. I have prayed and prayed and things seem to only get worse. If you would, please do remember me in your prayers to St. Joseph and Brother Andre.
Every time I hear about a Saint who is responsive to our prayers I get all "psyched" up but usually when I see no help, I guess I get discouraged.
Pray my most urgent needs are noticed by these two saints, and ask them for their help.
God Bless You,
In Jesus Name I ask,

Please, I ask prayers for me, My name is Cecilia and I live in Brasil. I need a "big" favor from St. Joseph and I d┤like to ask you to pray for me.
Thank you, Cecilia

Dear St. Joseph and Blessed Brother Andre:

The proposed pastor who was being trained has now been re-assigned and the church is in an uproar over it. Please pray that a resolution can be found that best serves the Church.  P.

Dear St. Joseph and Brother Andre,  Please pray for our prayer partner, Jackie, who needs our prayers of encouragement, hope and love.  May Our Lord, through your intercession, provide her with all possible physical and spiritual graces.

Dear St Joseph,
Please pray for and guide our son Rob; he is discouraged and angry with the
Lord. His disability is overwhelming him and he is without joy and hope for
his future. He so wants to meet a wonderful young lady who will accept him
for who he is in your eyes,marry and raise a family. Please pray that he
feels the Lord's presence in his life, and is blessed with fortitude and
peace. We believe the Lord has a special plan for him, and entrust him now
to His merciful divine providence.
Help him to believe in himself until the Lord's will is revealed. Thank you
for favors recieved. G

Dear St Joseph,
We ask your assistance as protector and patron of our secular order, to help us in our need; our community is under attack by the evil one.
Our numbers are dwindling because of age and illness. Our spiritual director is near death (Please assist him home to heaven and reward
him for his loving service in the Lord). There is dissention in the group at the hands of one person who has inflicted several years of hardship
on certain individuals. We are in need of strength,guidance,healing,hope, and peace.Please help us to know and carry out the Lord's will for us,
in spite of our fears and confusion. Guide our hearts and minds as we prepare for our elections next month. Assist our superiors as they discern
what will be best for  our community in the future, particularly regarding the availability of a new spiritual director.Please help us to do all for the
Lord's glory,trusting more in His power than our weakness. Thank you for favors received. We love you. J & G

First  I want to thank Saint Joseph for answering my personal prayer. I also want to ask you to please pray for the intercession of Saint Joseph and Brother Andre for my son. He was laid off from work and is having a difficult time finding another job. Please ask them to
petition our Sweet Lord to assist him in finding a job and a good hearted Catholic girl to be his wife and take care of him. His name is Roger.
Thank you for this web site

Once again I come to you with petitions for my grandson, Christopher who is trying to work thru problems presented by his autism and the medications that are necessary for his well-being.  It is a trying time for him and for my daughter and husband.  St. Joseph and Brother Andre hear our prayers!  Also, special prayers for my younger daughter that this terrible error will clear itself and that they may finally get the home they so justly deserve and are hoping for.  St. Joseph and Brother Andre bring their needs before the throne of God.   Thank you!

My Mom Donna M. has cancer, her chances are bad for survival..She
is very dedicated to Bl Andre, she has visited St Josephs Shrine in
Canada twice..Please Ask St Joseph and Bl Andre to heal her..

F. M. Jr.

Dear st.joe,
Would you please add my petition to St. Joseph and Br. Andre that they be my heavenly champions in my fight with cancer. I have one more chemotherapy, and then I start radiation. J

Please keep in your prayers a loving family in my parish who are attempting to sell their small home in search of a larger one for their 5 children. Currently, they have a small home with two bedrooms and are searching for a 4 bedroom... housing costs are so high and of course, searches are limited -

dear st.joe if you would be kind enough to ask St. Joseph and Brother Andre for their help.

thank you so much for your prayers ...

God bless! M.

Please pray that I will be healed of the tumors in my body and my other ailments, but, especially the tumors. I have no health insurance and I am no longer able to work. Thank you. God Bless you all. DH

Happy New Year!

I honor St. Joseph everyday by praying his seven sorrows and have made it a point to pray to Bl Br Andre after I finish my devotions to St. Joseph. Of course, anyone that asks for prayers, I ask St. Joseph to help them in their needs too. I hope and pray that I can soon go to Mt Royal to thank St. Joseph and Bl. Br. Andre when they grant me my requests. Please pray for my special intention. Thank you so much and may St. Joseph and Bl Br. Andre answer all your prayers. T.

An irritating smell has developed in the house with an unknown cause, it is causing real frustration and tension between family members. May St. Joseph and Brother Andre heal the problem promptly.

Please pray for my wife and her job situation--all seems to be crumbling. Yet, we trust in you St. Joseph and Brother Andre to bring only the best to her.

Dear St Joseph and Br. Andre,
Please pray for our son-in-law James, who is having difficulties at work.
May you help direct him to make the right decision Re: a job change if it be the Lord's will.
He is anxious and worried as he has a baby on the way and medical bills to pay.
Thank you for your intercession in this cause and for favors received.

Just received word that James' wife is in labor at this moment...12/29/01 afternoon...please pray for successful labor and healthy baby and mother...

Baby and mother doing fine! "A blessed and happy new year to you and your family!
We thought we'd share our little bundle from heaven with you.
Thank you for your prayers and support on our behalf!
God Bless +
J & G

Please pray for a young man I met Saturday who is in the hospital. I am a hospital EM volunteer and I met Daniel through this ministry.

I don't know exactly what is wrong with Daniel's health to hospitalize him, he cannot speak. But Daniel is probably the most beautiful soul I have met in my lifetime. As I came into his room his face lit up with the most beautiful smile. His eyes are a beautiful deep blue and his hands are so perfectly formed and gentle to the touch it is like holding the hand of Christ when we greeted one another in our silent clasping of hands.A clasp he initiated even though he has severe cerebral palsy.

Daniel, smiled with such joy...and I knew he smiled because I brought the Body of Christ to him. Not because I was there but Christ. As he could not receive Jesus he just looked with such awe and reverence at Jesus and shed tears of Joy that our Lord had come to him. I was so humbled and moved by his love and purity that it is hard to describe.

Daniel's face is mis-happened because he is profoundly mentally & physically disabled...or so they say. I think Daniel is alive and brilliant in the spirit of Christ which dwells in him. His nose is at least three times the size it should be and covered with a horrible rash and pustules from cheek to cheek. His teeth have never formed at all or the ones that have formed are also mis-happened, yet he has the most wonderful sweet smile. When he smiles it is the smile of a soul of great beauty and a special blessing for those he smiles upon.

I pray God will heal Daniel of this terrible infection which is eating away his beautiful face and relieve Daniel of his discomfort. Please remember Daniel in your prayers.



Please pray for my mother Anna McCrory. Healing of cancer and osteoporosis
Thank You