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The absolute best print I have ever seen of Jesus and St. Joseph!

Congratulations on finding this page!!!  St. Joseph certainly led you here.    I want to share with you a piece of news so very exciting to me (and soon to you) that I can't seem to type these words fast enough!  You see, about a year ago, I came across the work of an artist that just drew my breath away.  It was a print of St. Joseph with a young Jesus.  Not the Baby Jesus that we typically see, but rather maybe a 10 year old Jesus.  It was a true devotional piece of art! 
I would look at that print every day for inspiration and meditation time.   The print is that darn good!  I spent much time in front of that picture.
Here's the truly exciting part...
About two months ago, I contacted the artist finally putting my feelings to paper and complimented him on such a beautiful, inspiration piece of artwork.  I told him how I admired his work.  It is truly fabulous!
I became even more bold -- I asked if somehow he would make prints available to those devotees of St. Joseph who visit this website.  For two months, the artist considered my request.  Meanwhile, I would silently pray to St. Joseph that somehow I could help make this St. Joseph and Jesus print (unlike any you have ever seen!) available to you.  After much consideration (and I'm sure prayer) the artist has finally agreed!
The image is 24 x 16 inches.  This limited edition of 1000 will be signed and numbered by the artist.  The cost of the print itself is $95.00.
Here's the procedure we will use to obtain the print.  Contact me at .  Tell me you are interested in purchasing the print. (No obligation, of course.) Make sure the email address you send is correct.  I will then send you the necessary contact information to the artist.  You will then be able to purchase the print from him directly.
I am very, very excited for it truly is an inspirational masterpiece!  It will make a nice print for your home, office or anywhere where you pray to St. Joseph.  It would make a beautiful gift to a family member or friend (or to yourself)!

St. Joseph & Jesus Print
To get this print e-mail

A Quote From The Artist
"I will establish his forever and his throne as the days of heavens." (Psalm 89:29)  The psalm, chosen from the feast of St. Joseph, reiterates Nathan's prophecy to King David in the second book of Samuel, chapter seven.  A prophecy fulfilled in Joseph and Jesus.  While preparing for this painting, my thoughts steadily moved toward a vision that would address this legacy, while gently revealing the reality of Joseph as the man chosen from the beginning of time to be the earthly father of God's only Son.  I saw an image that spoke not only of the magnitude of this relationship, but also of the closeness and intimacy they have shared."