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My son graduated from University last Spring and had applied for hundreds of jobs but to no avail.  He  had a part time job and was starting another degree in Sept.  All of this time I was praying to St. Joseph and St. Theresa.  I visited the Oratory.  I had just finished the 30 day novena and had mentioned to my son that it would probably be a few years before he got a job.  I went to morning mass and as I was leaving this lady tipped me on the shoulder ( I hadn't met her for about 2 years and I really didn't lnow her well) asked me how the kids were doing.  I was telling her that my son was looking for a job but there was nothing out there.  She asked me for his resume and within about 3 weeks he landed a fantastic job.  He was shocked himself.  He doesn't go to church every week.  He gave me money to send away for masses in honour of St. Joseph to thank him.  The rest of the family were also shocked.  He knows he would never have the job without St. Joseph.  He was very anxious to go to Church for Easter 

I accepted a promotion in my work about two years ago that included a transfer to a
different governmental agency than the one I had worked in for several years. It seemed
like a wonderful opportunity so I jumped in enthusiastically. I soon discovered that the
culture of the agency was quite hostile. My second day of training I was humiliated by
the trainer and then I was assigned to a supervisor who was verbally and physically
abusive. I liked the work I was doing and the pay was good, so I tried to make the
job work for me. I prayed for success and tried to remain positive and work hard in
hopes that I could succeed. As time went on, the abuse continued and the politics
of the workplace were not conducive to corrections. It was suggested to me that I
ask for the intercession of St Joseph, since he is very powerful in work situations. I
offered my day at the beginning of each day to the Lord and asked St Joseph to
help me either stay and be successful at my job or guide me to where I would be
able to make a positive contribution that would be appreciated. Over time I became
convinced that it was not in my best interests to stay at the job so I began looking
for something else.  I answered an ad in the paper for a job at a local hospital. I went
to a couple of interviews and was eventually offered the job. I went to meet with the
recruiter on 3/19 -- St Joseph's feast day--and was given a written offer for the job.
The hospital is part of a group of hospitals under the umbrella of St Joseph's Healthcare.
As I was leaving, the recruiter said, "Welcome to St Joseph's." This, and the fact that
it was 3/19, and the fact that I had been praying for help to St Joseph was really amazing.
Thank you, St Joseph, for prayers answered.

You remember I asked for prayers for financial help to move to a new home because we were asked to leave. Well there was another alternative we asked God through the intercession of St Joe and Brother Andre-  To be allowed to live in our house till June in order to give my husband time to make enough  to enable us to move.   He is an accountant, so during tax season, he tends to work harder.
They agreed to this and so we are still in the house. I sincerely want to thank St Joseph and Brother Andre for this as well your prayers. God bless You.

Dear St.Joseph and Br. Andre,

The Good Lord has blessed me with what looks to be a wonderful job after being out of work for eight months now.  When I prayed for this job I had some very specific requests stated along with the fact that I had hoped to find a job after my Mother had completed a 3 week stay with me.  I had wanted to be with her for those 3 weeks and not run off and leave her every morning. God has blessed her with longevity, but her days are growing short and He blessed me to have the time with her.  His blessings were so great that I got the call to come in and interview for this job the day after she arrived which almost secured that fact that if I got the job, I wouldn't have to start until after she went back home.

Now, I begin on Monday and am a bit nervous since I have not worked in 8 months and am no youngster.  I have to learn a new computer system and pray that I can do that quickly to facilitate the rest of the work that goes along with the job.  I was chosen out of 4 final candidates for this position which is newly created.  That means I don't have any one else's shoes to fill and have an opportunity to refine the position and make it viable.  My prayer/request is that I do not disappoint these people who have been generous to hire someone of my years and that I can do the very best job for them and also reflect God's Mercy and Grace.  I believe that The Father did not bring me this far to let me fail, so I have that confidence, but a few extra prayers and good words along the way wouldn't hurt.

Thank you   ;))

Regarding a sweet little house we wanted, was answered on
Monday.....the owner of the house is allowing us to lease the property until
we can arrange for the mortgage and the neighborhood and property seems just
perfect for my family......Novenas of Thanksgiving to St. Joseph, the
Blessed Mother and Our Lord........thanks and know I will keep praying and
visiting your site.  mmm

I am the adoptive single dad of 4 sons. My life with these kids began at the age of 15 when I first got G., not as a son but as a little brother from a Big Brother Program that I started. Over the years, I ended adopting 3 more sons. I go to ABC Church in ..., so St. Joe is prominent among the saints portrayed in the Church. I am a convert to Catholicism and come from a Jewish background but my sons were raise with both Catholicism and Judaism. I have always looked up to Joseph because after having studied so much about Christ the one thing that I summarized was that as Jesus was growing up the one person he called daddy was Joseph. Every one stresses the relationship of Mary and Jesus but always seem to leave Joseph out of the picture. I can relate to Joseph because he knew that Jesus was the son of God and conceived from God, but throughout the raising of Jesus, he was the one called Dad. My sons were conceived by someone else but it is me they call Dad. I think Joe and I have that bond in common. I have lit a candle to him every Sunday for some time now always asking him to remember me and my family. I hope to meet him one day to swap stories on raising boys. My youngest son, who is now 35 is named after him. I have always asked Joseph to thank his Son for making me a dad and for the help I have received. My life with my sons has had its ups and down but I have not lost faith? I know that there is a purpose for me going through some of the grieve that I have experienced. I have learn to thank Him for the good and the bad. Explanations I know will have to wait until I die but I am in no rush for answers. I hope to one day make it Montreal. I have read about the basilica and the life of Brother Andre. 
As I wrote to you before under petitions, my family is in need a some extra divine help at this time.
Thanks for your time and patience. I wish us both luck.


On Blessed Brother Andre's birthday I was on vacation in San Diego, and
started suffering with a re-occuring ankle problem that was making my
vacation miserable.  I sought help from Brother Andre through prayer and
asked that he pray to our Lord for my ankle.  It is now 6/22 (the Queenship
of our Blessed Mother) and my ankle is feeling so much better.  I thank
Brother Andre for his help in petitioning our Lord on my behalf.


Recently I asked for for help from St. Joseph and Brother Andre; both my husband and myself are not able to work due to illness.  We both have heart problems & my husband may have MS as well.  Neither one of us has been able to work for most of this year. 
The company responsible for handling disability insurance payments for my husband suddenly became very difficult, refusing to process payments and being very slow to respond to our call and to review the information submitted by my husband's doctors.  This went on and on.  Our savings have been drained and finances were vey thin. Medication costs, doctor bills and household bills kept coming and coming. I prayed and asked others through this website to pray for us as well. 
I am happy to report that St. Joseph and Brother Andre came through for us!  We have just been notified that we will receive a check for the many weeks owed to my husband.  We hope that this is the end of the difficulty with this company.
Many thanks for those who helped us by their prayers. May God returned your kindness 7 fold. We gratefully ask for your support and prayers that our illness will be address and this will all come to a happy ending.
Much love & thanks to St. Joseph & Brother Andre for their intercession on our behalf.  We beg dear Joseph & Br. Andre to please continue to look after us  And most of love, thanks and praise to the Father from whom all good things come.
Thanks again and God bless!

I wish to thank you all for your prayers and the intercession of St. Joseph and Bro. Andre. Two weeks ago I  requested your prayers over  the need to discern Godīs Will over my relationship with my boyfriend. He feels he is not good enough for me for I take my religious obligations seriously and my going to chruch almost everyday.His opinion of this can be summarized in his comment as he brought me to church you and your chruch!,  last Friday, 2nd August (First Friday with Blessed Sacrament exposition)  He came to see me after not seeing/hearing from   him for about three weeks. He wanted to stay longer but I told him he canīt because I was going to attend the Sacred Heart Novena an hour after he came  ( a priest friend who has difficulties with his ministry and  his community has asked for my prayers and I promise to lift them on the Sacred Heart of Jesus). His  has not been in touch for about three weeks lead me to so much insecurity and  to seek help here through your prayers. Truly  prayers help because my boyfriend called me once after I posted the prayer and  and upon the advice of starrlope I prayed  the novena to St. Joseph.  He called me on Tuesday last week and then visited me that  Friday.It is said that to a  a believer nothing happens by chance, so I believe that these events  are God-driven. Although I may not have the complete picture of what God wants to tell me, I rest in the hope that He with the intercession of St. Joseph  will grant me my wish in total surrender to His most Holy and Perfect Will. So please include us in your prayers for a committed faith,   for the total renewal/conversion  of my boyfriendīs heart  and mind, and the   wisdom to know  that God is real and near. God Bless all of you and the intercession of the Mary, the Mother of God and the saints.

I am writing to give a testimony. I prayed the nine day novena to St. Joseph thru Brother Andrea for a new job as
my job was on a downward spiral---at the end of the nine day novena-----day #9 my new boss at the same employment
name is "Joseph" and in a short period of time I received a position I know how to do and I no longer cover people who call in sick. The novena to St. Joseph came to bear much fruit and I pray now that the fruit it is bearing will be done well in honor of St Joseph and Brother Andre all for the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Peace -----Thank you St. Joseph and Brother Andre--S.

Thank you St Joseph for your intercession today for our OCDS community.
Our hope and joy has been restored among all the members after several years of trials.
Please heal those who are hurt and help those elected to new positions.
We pray we will receive new vocations in the future (especially of men).
Please guide our spiritual directors as they minister to us.
May we always do all for the glory of the Lord and the salvation of souls,in honor of our Blessed Mother Mary.
G & J

"It was a Friday of November 2001 and I'd woken up sometime after 3am, still
a little too early to leave the apartment for the flight that I was
scheduled for 5 hours later. I was travelling to Toronto, this was a route
that I'd flown many times during 2001. For some reason I felt some
uneasiness, not about anything in particular, just a general feeling. I
remember thinking to myself that what I needed was a "prayer that never
fails", why...I'm not sure. About an hour later, having packed my luggage
and gotten everything in order, I decided that I'd stop into the office on
the way to the airport. This was something I'd never done before at 4am.
While at the office, I'd remembered my thought from earlier and typed
"prayer that never fails" into the Google search engine. I was pleasantly
surprised when a series of pages were retrieved, your St. Joseph page was
among them. I decided to print out a prayer from one of the sites, folded it
up, & pocketed the printout. I then quickly left for the airport. A few
hours later, after the flight took off, I pulled out the prayer and noticed
that it was the St. Joseph prayer and not the one that I'd thought I had
selected...and for some unknown reason it was printed twice on the same
page. I prayed it. About an hour before the scheduled landing, the flight
started getting rough, turbulence was increasing. During the approach, I
noticed out the window that the clouds were extremely thick, it was
difficult to see past the end of the wing let alone the ground below.
Suddenly, the plane started to pull upwards in a steep incline and we were
thrust back in our seats. Since we were flying an Airbus, the engines got
very loud as it went into full throttle, a sound somewhat resembling that of
a biplane. After continuing upward for a few minutes, the plane leveled out.
Just then, the pilot notified us over the loudspeaker that the Toronto
airport's approach equipment went down during our landing. To this day I
don't know how close we were to the ground during the first approach or how
much danger we might have been in, but I strongly believe that through the
intercession of St. Joseph & Brother Andre we were helped that day." J.S. Canada

A few years ago, I was driving to work the same route I always take. At an intersection, where I would normally go left, I heard a strong masculine voice say to me to go right. I went right. After two hours at work, I learned that a mother and daughter were killed in a traffic accident along the route to the left. Other facts about the accident emerged that left no doubt in my mind: I would have been in the exact same spot at the exact time where the two ladies lost their lives. I attributed this protection over me to St. Joseph. And I offer my prayers to him for the mother and daughter who God called instead at that time.

About three years ago, my city was hit by four tornadoes. The sky was the darkest that I had ever seen. My family took out some blessed candles, and in our basement, prayed for the protection of our city to St. Joseph and Brother Andre. Much to our delight, the four tornadoes did minimal damage and no one was injured, let alone killed. In addition, while the electricity did go out in my neighborhood, my house was the only one left with power on in the area!

Keep reading below!

Last year, a storm hit our city with seven inches of rain in one hour. Water was flooding roads, homes and businesses. As I live on a corner, I watched and waited for the water to rise in my house. After moving everything I could to a higher location, my daughter and I moved to the storm drain in our basement and watched the water rise. Nothing yet was touched, but the water was rising rapidly. She and I said a simple prayer to St. Joseph and Brother Andre that the water would stop rising and simply drain away. That very minute, the water stopped in its tracks, and drained away! Now read a very interesting story that happened to one of our readers...

"Many people do not seem to understand the Catholic Devotion to Saints. One of these is devotion to St. Joseph. The idea of burying a statue of St. Joseph to sell a house is a case in point. Now, praying to St. Joseph to intercede is wonderful. Burying a statue in the front yard is just plain superstition. Placing the statue on your mantel and remembering to say a prayer is faith in action with the communion of Saints in heaven.

In 1988, when the cancer battle raged, we knew we needed to downsize and conserve our meager resources, so selling our house was one of the painful but necessary things we had to do. As the month's drug on and we had no buyer, things just seem to go from bad to worse. I bought a statue of St. Joseph and placed him on our mantel. As the patron St. of families I knew he would understand and also it seemed a perfect choice, as he was a carpenter. And one of the problems we encountered was the need to rebuild the deck in order to sell the house.

I bought the lumber and proceeded to tear down the old deck with a sledgehammer. All that was well and good, but when I was ready to build the problems began. It was first of all a second story deck. The biggest problem though was I had no idea how to build a deck in the first place, and my husband was too ill to help.

As I pondered this new predicament, I mumbled a quick prayer to St. Joseph, but I didn't hold out much hope for a solution. I began to cry in my frustration and mumbled a rather weak prayer to the effect of; "St. Joseph, where are you when I need a carpenter! We'll never get this house sold. Please do something!"

As I sat on the ground trying to calm down and hold back the tears...suddenly a man I had never met came around the corner of the house next door. He glanced over then came over to say hello. He noticed my obvious tears and very kindly asked if he could help me in some way. Of course I was embarrassed to be caught crying so instead I began to chuckle and tell him of my dumb idea that I could build a deck with a hammer, a ladder, and no knowledge of carpentry.

He was so nice and then he introduced himself and explained his family was just moving in next door for a few weeks to rent the house next door while theirs was being built. Then he did something, which seemed to me the answer to a prayer. He said: "Say! My son and I could build that deck for you. We are neighbors after all and we would be happy to do it." With that he quickly went over to the house next door, got his son, and returned with a vast array of tools and benches, nails, and everything a carpenter would need.They worked steady on the deck for two days, and he seemed to be very professional and knowledgeable. When the deck was finished I was amazed at how sturdy and well built that it looked. I was almost speechless at the result of that little frustrated prayer to St. Joseph and the quick result.

Especially when I asked in general conversation, what he did for a living. He told me he was a carpenter and built decks for new housing contractors. And to add icing to the cake, his middle name was Joseph.Yes! Saint Joseph is a great Saint and prayer partner. He not only answered my prayer, he did it so quickly that I could only praise God and thank Saint Joseph for his love and intercession.

Now, that is the power of the Saints in action. Blessed be God in his angels and his Saints!"

Used with permission of Catholic Chronicles All Rights Reserved by Author.

Back in January 2001,I took stjoe up on his suggestion to entrust my grave
concerns to the care of St Joseph and Br. Andre, with the promise to publish
the answers to my prayers; today I hold true to my promise!
The week after my (first)infant grandson died prematurely(in November 2001),
my husband was told that his company of 28 years, was closing it's doors and
moving to another state. They had offered him (and he accepted) a 'buy-out
package' which would give him employment through April and another 9 months
of benefits until he secured another job. We had placed this in the Lord's
hands and trusted He would provide for our financial needs, however things
did not look good with the company, and he feared they would file bankruptcy
before April and be left with nothing.Complicating the situation, was the
fact that he could not actively seek another position without jeopardizing
his benefits through them before April.
To add to the situation, we needed to replace our furnace, and had several
other major repairs that needed to be done on our cars(after having bought a
family burial plot).....depleting our savings at a time we need to save!
Again....we were trusting the Lord, BUT the evil one sets doubts in our
hearts at times and we just prayed to ward off despair!
We did not expect to get answers to these situations until well after
April....but I petitioned St Joseph and Br. Andre to secure a job for us as
the Lord willed, and to secure our faith in the meantime,guiding my
husband's decisions during this trial.

By the feast of 'St Joseph the Worker' (May 2001)they had come to our aid:
my husband was to be starting a new job that week, that offered him a raise
in pay and equal benefits; all repairs were paid for in full and we had more
in savings now than we have had in years!
Also my daughter got a good report from the geneticist and was hopeful to
have a normal pregnancy in the future.
Today (December 8,Feast of the Immaculate Conception)we give thanks and
praise to our merciful Lord Who has heard our prayers, filled our needs and
given us hope!Our thanks also goes to St Joseph, Br Andre, and all who
lifted us up in prayer; you will remain in ours!

PS:our daughter is due to deliver a healthy boy some time in the next
several weeks. The Lord is so good!

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is in the Lord." ~
Jeremiah 17:7 ~ ...G

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